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Egypt Fire Observatory 2018

This report aims to monitor fires incidents during 2018, which occurred within facilities/land sites, agricultural or water areas, based on the press archive. The report covers 2018 incidents which mounted a total of 2220, according to the report's standards and the press archive on which the research methodology based. The geographical path [...]

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The Suicide Observatory in Egypt (2017-2011)

This report documents 1746  suicidal incident in Egypt during the period from 2011 to 2017. n terms of incidents, 2017 had the largest number of incidents with a total of 422 incident, followed by 2015 which had a number of 295, 2011 had the least number of incidents with a total of 152, this number [...]

Observatory of Road Accidents in Egypt 2014-2017

This report aims to monitor the incidents of road accidents in Egypt over a period of four years starting from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2017. During the given period, 11764 incidents were recorded and archived. In 2017, the year with the biggest record, the number of incidents reached 3312, incidents in 2016 amounted [...]

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Incidents of Violence and Crime Inside Educational Institutions 2014-2017

Introduction The report aims to monitor the incidents of violence & crime inside educational institutions (pre higher education) in Egypt during the period 2014-2017.The report contains the incidents which were referred to administrative & criminal investigation and the incidents which were published in the press only, except same cases which will be presented in [...]

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Social Indices

About Social Indices Program يعمل على بناء وإتاحة قواعد بيانات اجتماعية ومؤشرات وتنبؤات إحصائية عن القضايا والموضوعات الاجتماعية في مصر. يعتبر الفرد وعلاقته بالمجتمع هو العنصر الأساسي لصنع الحدث الاجتماعي. كما يعمل البرنامج على إقامة أنشطة تشاركية لتعزيز قدرات تحليل وإدارة البيانات وبناء تصميم معلوماتي بطريقة احترافية. Social Indices Reports [...]

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Egyptians Collective Memory

About Egyptians Collective Memory يعمل على بناء وإتاحة ذاكرة جمعية عن التغيرات السياسية والمجتمعية في مصر الحديثة كأرشيف بديل مفتوح عن التاريخ الاجتماعي من أسفل. مما يشمل إنتاج قواعد بيانات ضخمة وأرشيفات وثائق ومواد مرئية عن الأحداث والفعاليات والمجموعات المتشاركة والروايات غير الرسمية والرسمية عنها. بحيث يعتبر الفرد وعلاقته بالمجموعة/المجتمع هو العنصر الأساسي لصنع [...]

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Causalities due to Water Transport Accidents in Egypt in 5 years – Full Report

The report provides information about the human causalities due to water transport accidents in Egypt in 5 years, specifically from July 1st 2011, to June 30th 2016. There has been archived and recorded 78 Water transport accident in Egypt, resulting in 291 deceased in addition to other 291 survived. This report includes only accidents caused [...]