Cases of Departure and Entry Ban and Arrests in Egyptian Airports, Based on Activism in the Public Space, since 2011 – Visuals

Over the past five years after the Egyptian revolution: during the period between Feb 11th, 2011 and Feb 20th, 2016, “Daftar Ahwal” initiative has recorded and archived 554 cases of departure and entry ban and arrests in Egyptian Airports, based on activism in the public Space (Political, Human Rights, Journalist, Artistic and Cultural, Religious, Social Movement).

Amid these, there were 534 cases inside ‘Cairo International Airport’, 18 cases inside ‘Borg El Arab Airport’ and only one case inside each ‘Hurghada International Airport’ and ‘Luxor International Airport’.

According to presidential era, there were 36 cases during ‘SCAF’s rule’ (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces), 21 during ‘Mohamed Morsi’s rule’, 279 during ‘Adly Mansour’s rule’ and 218 during ‘Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s rule’.

Concerning procedure type, there were 56 cases of ‘Travel Ban Based on a Judicial Order Followed by Arrest, another 12 of ‘Travel Ban Based on a Judicial Order without Arrest’, 12 persons who were exposed to ‘Only Travel Ban’, 9 persons who ‘Were on Arrivals Arrest List and Detained Based on a Judicial Order’, 259 persons were exposed to ‘Only Entry Ban’, 83 incidents of ‘Difficulties on Entry’ and finally 15 ‘Arrests during an Incident inside the Airport’.

On another note, regarding nationality, there are 274 ‘Egyptian’ persons who are exposed to these procedures, 81 ‘Arabs’ and 199 of people with ‘Foreign’ nationalities.

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To read the full report including Methodology and standards for recording, archiving and data management, from here.

In the Below Section, there is a visual view on Cases of Departure and Entry Ban and Arrests in Egyptian Airports:

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1- According to procedure type.

 1 procedure type

2- According to presidential era.

 2 presidential era

3- According to activity type.

 3 activity type

4- According to airport and destination.

 4 airport and destination

5- According to nationality.

 5 nationality

6- According to gender.

 6 gender

7- According to type of security move.

 7 type of security move